Protecting your people

We understand that when it comes to the fire protection of your people and property a bespoke service that meets your specific requirements is the only possible solution. 

‌By carefully matching technology to application our range of fire life safety solutions are designed to prevent, detect and contain fire and where necessary enable a safe and timely escape.

‌  From the initial Fire Risk Assessment through to the design and installation of fire detection systems and ongoing maintenance and monitoring contracts, we provide you with a one stop fire protection solution.

Fire Alarm Systems

A reliable, effective and compliant Fire Alarm system is an essential investment for all businesses who want to protect their people and property.
‌We have built a strong reputation in the design, installation, maintenance and monitoring of fire alarms, servicing some of the UK’s most prestigious buildings and across the estates of many high profile, national customers.

Addressable systems

An addressable system is much more identifiable to where the fire source is and the actual devices, whether its a detector or a call point. This is done by each device having an address and location. This makes for fire finding a lot easier and quicker.

Conventional systems 

A convectional system is a fire alarm that identifies the activated detector or manual call point by a zone LED. With a convectional system there is no way of pin pointing the exact location of the fire just a zone area.

Wireless alarms & detectors

Wireless fire alarms can be installed mainly into buildings that require no fire alarm cables to be run. They work on radio signal's and before any installations are started signal strengths should be tested before throughout the building.


Many of our customers have switched to us because they didn’t feel they were getting a great service from their previous fire company. We can repair and replace fire equipment, and take over the maintenance of your fire system even if we haven’t installed it. If you would like advice on how we can service your existing fire alarm please contact us.